Sede Providencia


Miss Elena Leyton Concha


Our dear Miss Elena is the Rector for the 3 branches. Founded Kendal English School in 1992 considering love as a fundamental tool for teaching. The Motto she created says ¨Love and Learning go together in the growth of mankind¨ and she has lived her life giving love to her community and family.

Miss Cynthia Saavedra


Encargada de la conducción académica de cada una de las sedes del colegio.

Teacher Jorge Aravena

Head of Student Support

Teacher Jorge is the School Psychologist and in charge of Vocational counseling.

Miss Denisse Tapia Arias

Headteacher Sede Providencia

Miss Denisse is the Headteacher of Providencia Branch .

Miss Amilka Escudero

Academic Assisstant & Pre-K Class Teacher

Miss Amilka is the Academic Assistant and Pre-K Teacher.

Miss Alejandra Rendón

Pre-Kinder Class Teacher

Miss Alejandra is Pre-Kinder Teacher.

Miss Isidora Lorca

Kinder Class Teacher

Miss Isidora is Kinder Teacher.

Miss Dominique Urrutia

Kinder Class Teacher

Miss Dominique is Kinder teacher.

Miss Fernanda Ortega

1st Grade Class Teacher

Miss María Fernanda is our 1st grade teacher

Miss Camila San Martin

Head of the English Department & 3rd grade Teacher

Miss Camila is the Head of the English Department for Ñuñoa and Providencia branches, and 3rd grade Teacher.

Teacher Eduardo Artigas

2nd grade Class Teacher

Teacher Eduardo is our 2nd grade Teacher.

Miss Patricia Riquelme

4th grade Teacher

Miss Patricia Riquelme is our 4th grade Teacher

Miss Paula Cortes

Maths Teacher from 1st to 4th grade

Miss Paula Cortes is our Maths Teacher from 1st to 4th grade.

Miss Fernanda Echeverría

P.E. Teacher

Miss Fernanda Echeverría is our P.E. Teacher.

Miss Damaris Infantas

P.E. Teacher.

Miss Damaris Infantas is our P.E. Teacher.

Teacher Andrés Izurieta

Computing Teacher

Teacher Andrés is in charge of Computing class from 1st to 4th grade.

Teacher Nicolás Jara

Music Teacher

Teacher Nicolás Jara is our Music teacher.

Miss Marcela Araya


Miss Marcela is our Inspector.

Jean Germain

Maintenance staff

Jean Germain is part of our maintenance staff.

Gabriela Aguilar

Maintenance staff

Gabriela Aguilar is part of our maintenance staff.

Miss Daniela Duarte

Kinder Teacher

Miss Daniela is a substitute Teacher for Kinder

Miss Constanza Castillo

1st grade Class Teacher

Miss Constanza works with 1st grade students

Miss Josefina Fabbri

Profesora de Lenguaje y Comunicación

Miss Josefina está a cargo de las clases de Lenguaje de 1st a 4th grade.

Miss Jennifer Iglesias


Miss Jenniffer is the secretary of Providencia branch.

Miss Alejandra Farías

Student Support

Miss Alejandra is part of the Student Support area.

Raúl Vásquez

Maintenance staff

Raúl Vásquez is part of our maintenance staff